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prosecutor in c.i.a. interrogation cass cases has renewed the heated debate over the use of torture. first up tonight, a conversation with former c.i.a. operative and best seller author robert baer on what this new investigation means for the future of u.s. intelligence. also tonight, award-winning film maker doug pray on his unique look at the world of advertising, including the catch phrases that became part of the american lexicon. "art & copy" is in select cities with more on the way september 11. we're glad yurvee joined us. robert baer and doug pray coming up right now. >> there's so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing. like helping people live better but mostly we're looking forward to helping build stronger communities and relationships. because of your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance, working to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [
agency, the cia and i will introduce them momentarily. be we also have the pleasure of two other distinguished gentleman on the panel, our executive director of the white house initiatives on hcbus. [applause] and dr. john a. huston, the senior research professor is also with us. [applause] black colleges and universities have worked to link their students and programs to the intelligence field, science, technology, and academic research. from concepts as seemingly esoteric as insurgency modeling tool applications as seemingly mundane as cleaning products, technology transfers among agencies, corporations, and other academic institutions, are impacting our national security and affecting our daily lives. there is a great deal of talent on the campuses of our 105 institutions. programs at the office of naval research and the central intelligence agency will allow these two government agencies to tap into that talon by tapping into the innovative ideas and research as being carried on hbcus across the country. we will explore how this can export capacity and partnerships while join
tony:ood evening fm los angeles. thjustice department's decision to appoint a special prosecutorn c.i.a. ierrogation cass cases has renewed the heated date over the use of torture. first up tonight, a conversation with former c.i.a. operative and be seller author robert baer on wt this new inveigation means for the future of u.s. intelligee. also tonight, award-winning film maker doug pray on hisnique look a the world of advertising, including the catch phrases that becampart of the american lexicon. "art & cy" is in select cits with more the way september 11. we're gl yurvee joined us. robet baer and doug pray coming up righnow. >> there's so many things that wal-mart ilooking forward to ing. like helping people live better but mostly we're looking forward to helping build stronger communities and lationships. because ofour help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurae proudly supports tav smiley. tavis a nationwide insurance, woing to improve finaial literacy d the economic empowerment that comes wit it. ♪nationwide is o your si ♪ >>nd by contributions to you pbs stati fro
the call for torture methods in particular begun in the cia they wanted to know why people installed false confessions that seemed so realistic and believable so they study that and when the air men were taken captive in the korean war and gave false possession and what happened to make them talk? there was a whole program the psychological torment the communists put people through. they did things like isolation which doesot sound bad but for people after 40 days which is what became the standard method of cia, it is unbearable for many people. isolation means extreme sensory deprivation. you have seen the goggles and the gloves and they were kept from what time of day it was, absolutely no logic to their life. meals, then two meals in a row to breakdown anything rational. it sounds strange but it shows and has a horrible effective than a forced standing where after a number of hours of standing in the same place, terrible things happen. it can really be harmful to your health they can hang people buy the rest and. >> host: but then aside from thatou cannot believe anything. >> guest: muh
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on the justice department from moving forward. the probe of the cia interrogation, saying the cia shouldn't be investigated for murder. caroline shively joins us from washington with more on that. >> hi to you, brian. this is the latest pushback on the attorney general's case, asking them to reverse the attorney general's decision. they have 37 years of combine experience heading the agent. the attorney general's decision to reopen the crim cal investigation creates an atmosphere of continuous jeopardy for those whose cases the department of justice had previously declined to prosecute. moreover, there is no reason to expect that the criminal investigates will remain narrowly focused. it's thought to be limit today a handful of cases and the former director seems to be worried it could blow up and take over multiple cases over a number of years and the letter maintains the reopening of the criminal investigation will make it tough for them to get others help. the directors write that releasing details about the interrogations program reveals too much to the enemy. former cia operative way
school year and the cia. what do the two have in common? with me is jeff stein, the national security editor and spy talk columnist to talk about his recent column. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> you start off by saying so, another new semester begins and we don't think of cia and school in the same thought. >> most people think the end of the year is in september. but i usually do this every fall or september, say we have a new semester starting here. how have we done in the last semester. the cia is misgrant, hanging with a bad crowd. a group we call them the juvees. the justice department led them astray and one thing that went astray talking about torture and stuff is inside the cia there are a lot of good guys and gals who say this is wrong, all of the harsh interrogation stuff. i have a recently retired cia friend who heard when he it heard about this stuff going on he was appalled. he had never heard of this kind of interrogation tactic going on. that is stuff from the 2 movies and 24. >> we received information according to the critics of the attorney general, e
not go back and try to prosecute cia personnel. laura: yet the obama administration is pushing full speed ahead to investigate the cia terror warriors. how does that help us keep safe? >> we have a moral duty to pass health care reform and we need to pass it this year. laura: are democrats still exploiting senator kennedy's death to push through government-run health care? we will tell you what they are saying. >> he's crazy. he's out of his head. laura: and how did this evil freak keep this poor girl captive for 1 years? and did law enforcement drop the ball? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks a lot for watching us. our top story focuses on the war of words unfolding between the obama administration and the former bush white house. now it's all about attorney general's eric holder's investigation into cia operatives who interrogated the most vicious,
recently began a criminal probe of cia interrogators of terrorist suspects and the techniques they used in their interrogations. will this probe of the cia make the s. more vulnerable to terrorist attacks? pat buchanan? >> we will lose invaluable assets. mr. cheney is exactly right, john. the terrorists, one of the things revealed was a huge bomb plot against camps just like the marines in the barracks at the airport and beirut. that's one of the things he gave up. he gave up a sleeper cell guy in ohio who's now in prison for 20 years. he gave up all kinds. he gave his battle order and all their plans up, and he did it because of some brutal and nasty methods, no doubt about it. it's undeniable, but cheney is right. to go after these guys down the line who were doing their duty, had no criminal motivation other than to protect you and me, it seems to be unjust. it seems to be outrageous, foolish. obama could have done the same thing with the report. these were the techniques used. we don't want them anymore, we don't think they are honorable. but to go after these guys is outrageous. >>
is heading in the attack that may have been in the works. >> dave: seven former cia directors make an appeal to president obama to call off the investigation on harsh interrogation tactics. they say they probe puts the united states in danger to turn a question for you, how much would you dish out to break bread with former alaska governor sergei on? which only one truth and paid to have lunch with a former governor. pearsal in this morning was from bonneville is california. "fox & friends", present the news that the greatest needs, we are very happy to wake up in the morning and have friends like these. i like it. *blank . >> announcer gets "fox & friends". speak your good morning everyone on this saturday morning. welcome to "fox & friends". i am clayton morris, mrs. alisyn camerota, and this is a very sick day breaks. america, sending her home remedies. everyone gets sick. this is what you need to do. someone already recommended he needs a night club nights sleep at a nightclub night would be great. >> alysin: i had what you had yesterday. it's horrible. but today called. nixon chose my n
to the just released cia report which concluded that we don't really know how effective torture was or if you reside on planet cheney -- >> i think the evidence is overwhelming, the eits were crucial in getting them to cooperate and that the information they provided did, in fact, save thousands of lives and let us defeat all further attacks against the united states. >> the evidence is overwhelming. i think so. you know, the actual evidence from the cia review of the torture program in 2004 doesn't say that at all. quote, there's limited data on which to assess their individual effectiveness. talking about interrogation techniques and in the case of abu zabida who was waterboarded 80 some times in one month the cia says it is not possible to say the waterboarding is the reason fortin ceased production or if another factor such as length of detention was the catalyst. on fact-free planet cheney, that counts as overwhelming evidence. that issue of the interrogation led to another fact-free but still iron-clad cheney assessment. >> it shows that mohammed and abu zabada provided the overwhelming
are secretly photographing cia agents and then sending the pictures to terrorist detainees at guantanamo bay. unbelievable and despicable. we confronted a member of the project nina ginsburg. >> i have some questions about the john adams project. you are putting cia agents lives in danger. >> you need to talk to people at the john adams project. that's not at all true. cia agents put people in danger. they put this country in danger. they put american soldiers overseas in danger. >> so do you support them taking pictures of covert cia agents and showing them to terrorists? >> that's not what they did. >> what did they do? >> what they did was try and find out who the names and the identities of the people who tortured illegally tortured people because the government won't turn over that information. and people in this country have a right to defend themselves. bill: now, the justice department is investigating the john adams project, which is affiliated with the insidious aclu because there is no question that those far left nuts are putting cia people in danger. in the past talking points t
c.i.a. cheasts fired off a letter to the president saying they have to do something about the c.i.a. investigation. and dick morris goes on the record. he says president obama is in big trouble desperately trying to sell something that you are suspicious of. dick morris coming up. but first, president obama has a new headache. seven men, both democrats and republicans, who serve as director of -- served as director of central intelligence or c.i.a. director have joined together telling the president he needs to do something. they write in part, -- >> sen foam directors say the investigation has been done and that another investigation would damage the willingness of convenience officers to take risks to protect our country. the justice department today saying the attorney general's decision was made in line with his duty to examine the facts ands follow the law. moments ago, former speaker of the house newt gingrich went on the roared. mr. speaker, nice to see you. >> good to see you. greta: the president got a letter from former directors of the c.i.a. and other intelligence offici
the declassification of my own correspoence, which i sent to then cia director detailing my clear opposition to the program. whe the revelation in the past month are uncomfortable for some, they are absolutely essential if our country is returned to the rule of law. i am pleased that the members of the judiciary committee and the intelligence committee are moving forward to determine exactly what happened. and i continue to believe that an independent commission of inquiry as to chairman leahy has proposed is needed so that we can fully understand and come to terms with this dark chapter in our recent history. thank you, mr. chairman. >>hank you, senator fngold. and just to chime in on that point. i think it's clear that i also agree that time will come when frankly it becomes inevitable that a nonpartisan authoritative commission should take a look at the work of senator feinstein's investigations, the opr opinions, the jewish year he committee does under the adership of chairman leahy and dried altogether so the american people can make the appropriate conclusions. our first witness is dav
. you have to hear that. oose -- also seven former c.i.a. directors calling on president obama to reverse the decision to investigate the c.i.a. and the interrogators. mike huckabee will be here to discuss that important story. and acorn faced another defeat yesterday on capitol hill. much more on that straight ahead. i'm okay with cutting back a little, but i still want to put my best face forward. with crest whitestrips advanced seal, i get whiter teeth that lasts for 12 months. all from one little box, i say that's a pretty good deal. crest whitestrips advanced seal. the no slip white strips. = pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a pothole...so....k, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding! are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% few
is apparently trying to buy some time. in the mailbox, despite 74 and cia directors urging him to step in, president obama says he has no plans to overrule eric holder's allegations of mistreatment by prisoners by the cia -- despite seven four and am -- foreign cia directors. in the bottom box, a little tussle at the white house over the definition of a tax on health care. the president says it is not a tax. others say it is, but did anybody read the plan? we did. we will show it to you. it lays it out very clearly. martha: we begin with chilling new detail on the three terrorists suspects and what they may have been planning to do in this country. the investigation stretches from new york city out to colorado. first, this man is expected in federal court very shortly. we are watching that. investigators believe that he trained with al qaeda in the troubled areas of pakistan. the feds say that there were eight handwritten pages in his riding detailing on his computer how to make a bomb, and then, the text message that followed that reportedly read, "the wedding cake is ready." a similar c
ignores the wishes of veteran c.i.a. chiefs while his attorney general ignores key information about c.i.a. interrogations and the international community wants answers from the president about his commitment to fight climate change. all that plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the top american commander in afghanistan says he needs a new influx of u.s. troops and a new strategy or he cannot win the war against insurgents. the revelation puts president obama on the hot seat, facing a decision that either way is sure to outrage a significant portion of americans. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story. >> well, bret, we've received the 66-page declassified report that the "washington post" had leaked to them last night. essentially what it says is general mccrystal is warning that this could be a mission failure if it is not resourced properly. i'll he quote from t "inadequate resources will result in failure." and "a perception of our resolve that is uncertain makes afghanis reluctant to alig
new york tonight. i'm bret baier. 7 past directors of the c.i.a. are urging president obama to pull the plug on an investigation into enhanced interrogations of terrorism suspects. they laid out their reasons in a letter today. national correspondent catherine herridge tells us what is in it. >> intelligence officials say the decision to write the letter by the 7 former c.i.a. directors was spontaneous and came in the days after the c.i.a. inspector general's report was declassified by the justice department august 24. according to the source of 7 former directors whose leadership reaches back over 35 years, wanted the letter to be firm and clear as well as respectful and professional. within the letter, three key points are made -- first, that attorney general eric holder's decision should be reversed by the president, quote, attorney general holder's decision to reopen the criminal investigation creates and at moss fear of continuous jeopardy for those whose cases the department of justice had previously declined to prosecute, and more over, there is no reason to expect that the r
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is investigating cia interrogators for actions taken after the 9/11 attack. joining us now from washington, former cia official michael schurr once the head of the bin laden unit and author of the book marching toward hell. doctor, i understand you have new information for us tonight. what is that? >> well, bill, i wanted to try to explain to the american people a little bit about the interrogation program and what we found in it or what resulted from it. for example, after the interrogations of can a lead sheik mohammed, we were able to stop an al qaeda plan that was already in process to enroll its fighters in midwestern u.s. universities in order to prepare for the next round of attacks in the united states. and in addition, after talking to khalid sheik mohammed and zubaydah. we were able to stop an attack inside the united kingdom led by another gentleman. i think those are important for america to know. bill: why hasn't that information been forth coming? because you have the attorney general holder saying ok, look, i'm going to set up a panel and look at the cia guys who waterboarded zubayd
have absolute respect and have reliance upon a robust cia. and i have said before, i want to look forward and not backwards on this issue. on the other hand, i have also said nobody is above the law. and i don't want to start getting into the business of squelching, you know, investigations that are being conducted. bill: now, that is really, really weak. it is a weak answer. investigating the cia is a national security issue. thus, the president should make the call. he has the power. so mr. obama is being a bit disingenuous here. we have have more on this story with a former cia chief come up. finally, there was this on cbs. >> i have no interest in increasing the size of government. i just want to make sure we have got a smart government that is regulating, for example, the financial institutions smartly so i don't have to engage in any kind of bank bailouts. that's point number 1. point number 2. even though we are having a passionate disagreement here, we can be civil to each other. and we can try to express ourselves, acknowledging that we are all patriots. we are all americ
directors of the cia making an appeal to president obama. their goal? stop the investigation of harsh interrogation tactics used during the bush administration the men all headed the agency at some point during the last 35 years. some worked under republican presidents. others under democrats. today they all signed their names to a letter asking the president to put the brakes on attorney general eric holder. last month he appointed a prosecutor to look at instances of potential abuse of terror suspects at the hands of cia interrogators. have have called the methods used by the cia during the bush administration torture. today the former cia director said an investigation would hurt the agents involved and put the united states in danger in the future. here is part of that letter. quoting: trace: now we're learning more about what prompted the drecialghts to write that -- directs directors to write that letter. >> a former intelligence official says the decision to write the letter by the seven former cia directors was, quote, spontaneous and came in the days after the cia inspector g
the president's position and the attorney general holder's position on cia interrogations. seven former cia agents saying they should back off and not pursue what could turn into prosecutions. the president wants to look forward. but the attorney general believes that people -- rogue interrogators have to be held to account. >> let's remember recent history. recent history is the white house pressured the justice department to fire a number of u.s. attorneys because politically they disagreed with some of the priorities of the bush administration. there should be a separation between the justice department and the white house and somehow we, i think, should remember that. on this subject i did look at attorney general holder's decision. i know it was difficult. i issued a statement at the time saying i supported it, but we should remember the context. the context was, one, these folks had been investigated by a fairly independent part of the administration and number two, the real culprits are those who designed the strategy and the policy and not these people. they were operatives in the b
jones. there are others. you have to hear that. oose -- also seven former c.i.a. directors calling on president obama to reverse the decision to investigate the c.i.a. and the interrogators. mike huckabee will be here to discuss that important story. and acorn faced another defeat yesterday on capitol hill. i'm okay with cutting back a little, but i still want to put my best face forward. with crest whitestrips advanced seal, i get whiter teeth that lasts for 12 months. all from one little box, i say that's a pretty good deal. crest whitestrips advanced seal. the no slip white strips. sean: in august attorney general eric holder announced he would be reopening the criminal investigation into c.i.a. investigations and interrogators who questioned suspected terrorists in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. that decision prompted seven former c.i.a. directors to send a letter to 0 problem -- shall to president obama today asking him to reverse the decision. it goes on to say this. it says -- very poumple statement from seven former heaveds the c.i.a. joining me with reaction is the for
which is about the investigations of the cia and the fbi following watergate. the second book titled spy queen which is a biography of elizabeth bentley and her third book, the book that we are going to be discussing today, "real enemies" conspiracy theories and american democracy, world war i to 9/11. so i would like to begin with an incident in your bk that i found particularly revealing about really the whole tme of the book and a lot of what has been going on in the u.s. in this goesack to 1992 when bill clinton had been elected president. and he called and his longtime friend, webster hubble and you recount how he talked to his friend who he was thinking of planning to appoint to a high position in the administration and he gave him a couple of secret oebs. he asked him to questions that you recall in the book for good the first was who killed jfk d the secgnd was are there ufo's? as i was reading this i was thinking wow, how do we get to that point in u.s. history that this young, very bright, very well educated president would be essentially take so seriously a couple of coniracy
. and with the work of many men and women around the world in p uniform in the cia in homeland security, in the fbi, and the justice department, we manage to believe in the impossible but we e did the impossible. i start with that story because i think we need to appreciate the difficulty of the task and the responsibility we put on the nation's public service. not only here in washington and deliver departments but in state and local agencies, this really, we really do ask them to do something that is near impossible. when you understand that you're facing an enemy that's willing to die to succeed, it's awfully hard to be right absolutely every time when you're either in the federal government or you're in a state and local first responder. the new administration is charged with the same impossible task. you've got some very good very experienced people in john brennan at the white house, director and admiral blair. but it doesn't mean the task is any easier for them even with all of their experience. you know, secretary napolitano has talked about the greatest threat being complacency. one could
'm a big saver. $500 a month seems like a lot to cia, though. some people are saying i'm living paycheck to paycheck. how the heck am i going to cia $500 a month? >> everybody wants to save more, but we came up with more than 10ways that you could save money. really trim the fat from your budget without really feeling a lot of pain. there are a lot of things you can do. >> how do you identify those cost cutting strategies that will actually add up? give me the strategies. >> well, think about all the costs -- the biggest costs in your life. tackle those things. a lot of people use credit cards. credit cards are very costly. rates are going up. fees are going up. one of the things you want to think about is there a way i can negotiate a lower rate on my credit card, and a lot of people can. >> what do you do? st call the credit card company and say i want a lower rate? >> you can do that, but you'll have more leverage if you have been a long-time customer, if if you have not been late on your credit card, and if you have a decent credit score, which today is about 750 or higher. if you sa
, is an unprecedented cia in terms of its provisions and its reach. the secretary outlined some of the broad features of the cia. i want to underscore that for the first time and we have been doing these agreements at the department for a number of years, this is really reaching into new territory. pfizer will be under obligation to proactively identify potential risks associated with the promotion of individual products. they have to implement plans to mitigate risks. we have internal and an external compliance requirements as well as a very robust plan going forward to avoid this kind of conduct from happening again. >> could that will be employed if they violate the cia? >> it could be employed. it is important to understand that this settlement is for the benefit of american tax payers to return significant dollars that were spent on the programs. it is also for the protection of our beneficiaries who count on drug pipelines from a variety of manufacturers including this one for it is important to understand both cost and benefit as we proceed in putting together a court integrity agreement that
, the cia. i will introduce them momentarily. we also have the pleasure of two other distinguished gentleman. we have dr. john wilson jr. and dr. john e. houston, the senior research professor at the elizabeth state university is also with us. [applause] historically black colleges and universities have worked to link their students and programs to the intelligence field, science, technology, and academic research. from concepts as seemingly esoteric to insurgency modeling to applications as seemingly mundane as cleaning products. technology transfers among the u.s. governmental agencies, corporations, h pc use -- hbcu's, and other institutions are impacting our national security and affecting our daily lives. there is a great deal of talent on the campuses of 105 institutions. programs at the office of naval research and the cia will allow these government agencies to tap into the talent. by tapping into the innovative ideas and research that is being carried on at hcbu's around the country. today we will this -- we will explore how they can build capacity and partnerships by jointly collab
heard about the cia program to capture and kill terrorists. now the agency wants to know who leaked the information? >>> plus the president at odds with some of america's parents. should he speak directly to their children? we'll debate that with strategists on both sides of the issue. this is msnbc. the place for politics. upbeat k ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪ ♪ so i could hear myself as a ringtone ♪ ♪ who knew the store would go and check my credit score ♪ ♪ now all they let me have is this dinosaur ♪ ♪ hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage. >>> less than two weeks after attorney general eric holder announced an investigation into the cia interrogations, the cia is now asking for the justice department's help in finding out who just who leaked a secret program to the press. "the washington times" is reporting the cia made th
of a feeling of destiny with him. >> host: many of the americans fbi, cia, white house individuals that come through in your story are not quite as dapper, but driven. they are people who broke china when they walked in the china shop, and were sort of impelled forward by this sense of the danger we faced. richard clarke is another one of them. he straddles two admistration and certain became a maj part of the story during the 9/11 commission. talk to me about richard clarke. >> guest: well, yeah, clarke and o'neill re soul bthers. they really saw each other as being having the sam kind of drive, the same kind of obsesqiveness, the same intolerance of bureaucratic resistance. they wanted to get things done. and consequently they also had in, the fact that they had a lot enemies. it was clark who spotted o'neil and ben to promote him actually offered him his own job as the countertarrorism czar in the white house. it could welhave been that that was the prompting factors that caused someone in fbi hierarchy to torpedo o'neil, that they wod never want to report him in the white house. it would
country safe but an activist group is exposing c.i.a. operatives' identities by showing their picture to terrorists. >> you're showing pictures of c.i.a. agents to al qaeda terrorists. that's just despicable. what are you doing then? what is the john adams project? >> why are you following me around into a drug store? brian: that's exactly what they're doing. we're going to hear from a former operative next about how they affects their safety of the c.i.a. steve: and health care reform could affect them most. why a group of doctors are marching on washington. that's straight ahead on "fox & friends." >> ♪ i said baby, baby, baby you're out of time ♪ rg. i'm a free runner... ...national champion gymnast... ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) brian: a group called the john adams project is hard at work taking photos, but it's who they're sharing the photos with that has everybody concerned. here's what's happened when a fox news producer caught up with someone from t
cheney called the attorney general's decision to investigate possible cia abuses an outrageous political act. but former attorney general alberto gonzales now says the probe by eric holder is legitimate. what does it say about bush's top law enforcement official when he comes out against cheney? >>> and as governor rick perry's talk of succeeceding from the u. >>> and check out the front page headline from this morning's new york post suggesting that eliot spitzer really, the man who was brought down by a prostitute scandal, may be actually thinking of running for office again. that's the latest from the "new york times." we're going to have it with you and for you in the "hardball" sideshow. >>> we begin with the waning support for the war in afghanistan. our friend here always the former press secretary for newt gingrich, and ron reagan, a friend with air america radio, looking rather sad right now. well, according to the latest washington post, maybe he's seen the poll, the "washington post" poll. we've got the numbers, 51%, a majority now think the war in afghanistan is not worth fig
'reilly. thank you forever watching us tonight. putting american cia agents in direct danger. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you will remember the valerie plame situation where the former cia operative was publicly named in a weapons of mass destruction controversy. remember that? well, led by nbc news and the "new york times" the left wing media went news and ultimately scooter libby, a top advisor to vice president cheney was convicted of a crime. now we have a situation far worse and the left wing media is silent. a group calling itself john adams project affiliated with the aclu is secretly photographing cia agents and showing the pictures to suspected terrorists at guantanamo bay, among other people. it's hard to believe, i know, but it's going on. activist lawyers joshua dratel nina ginsburg edward mcmahon three members of the group putting cia members in danger. factor producer caught up with ms. ginsburg. >> ms. ginsburg hi, i'm with the fox news channel. you are putting cia lives in danger. >> you need to talk to the people at the john adams project. that's no
-era interrogation. >> i respect all seven of them. i have absolute respect and reliance upon a robust cia. i want to look forward and not backward on this issue. i do not want to get into the business of squelching investigations being conducted. bill: it is a weak answer. the president should make the call. he has the power. mr. obama is being disingenuous. more on this story, coming up. finally, there was this on cbs. >> i have no interest in increasing the size of government, i just want a smaller government that is regulating smartly, so i do not have to engage in this. even though we are having a passionate disagreement, acknowledging that we are all patriots, i do not assume the worst in people's motives. -the 24-hour news cycle focuses on the most extrem elements on both sides. they cannot get enough of a conflict. catnip to the media right now. the easiest way to get 15 minutes of fame is to be rude to someone. >> -- bill: sometimes seeking the truth demands for skilled -- demands forceful dialogue. you can see people doing it all the time. all in all, he was able to get his point across.
the law on your side. connell: 74 cia directors asking the president to squash the probe of detainee interrogations'. catherine? >> within the letter, three points are made. first, the president should use his power to do -- to reverse the decision to reopen the investigation into cia interrogation. moreover disclosures about cia collection operations will continue to make it harder for intelligence officers to maintain the momentum of operations that have saved lives and help protect america from further attacks. late today there was a response from the cia director, leon panetta. he said that the director appreciates the president's strong support for the men and women of the cia and that he stood up with those who followed legal guidance on the interrogations'. connell: big story, thank you for that. now, fears over iran. hillary clinton, hitting back, saying that dropping the missile shield in europe will make america safer. the shield is gone and the meeting is on. the u.s. is set to sit down with iran october 1. my next guest is not liking what he sees at all. he is the former
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